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Daniela Carrad
Associate Director

London | +44.7553.190.906

Daniela is an Associate Director at Marshall Rosenberg where she focuses on the Partner Practice in New York and London. Gaining a deep understanding of the clients’ culture and growth strategy allows her to engage the ideal candidate for them. Candidates can feel confident that their needs are being met as they are fully supported through the process of their next substantial career move. 

Always working with an ethos of building long term relationships and delivering above expectations Daniela has a proven track record in facilitating company growth and championing success in others. Having worked in tech during the .com boom she thrives off innovation and relishes the opportunity to be part of the next big thing. Her experience in the healthcare sector has ensured that sensitivity and confidentiality remain a modus operandi when assisting both candidates and clients. 

Having obtained a Business Management degree from the London Metropolitan University Daniela continually stays up to date in her given sector and has taken courses in Target Account Selling, EConsultancy Marketing and, most recently, an ethical sales bootcamp. 

Being an avid traveller and living in Asia for 12 years Daniela is now based in Europe and enjoys being back in the English countryside with her two young children. In her spare time, she can be found riding horses, sailing or curled up by an open fire with a book and a good glass of claret.

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